Bred for temperament, type and versatility........

Nantlais, which translates to Sound of the Stream came into being in October 1987, fulfilling a lifetime dream for John.

October 19th 1987 found us at Llandovery sale for registered ponies - quite by accident as we were supposed to be helping a friend to dip sheep but when we arrived, he had ample help so we decided to go along to the sale.

As we arrived, a lorry load of tiny Welsh Mountain Pony foals were being off-loaded and separated into two pens, fillies and colts, and there we saw our first foal, a tiny, very hairy, roan filly, absolutely soaking wet because of the rain; bewildered and very scared!

As the day wore on, foal after foal went through the ring and the meat boys had a whale of a time with most of the foals being sold for as little as one guinea (£1.05) each.

Gail waited nervously to see the fate of the little roan filly and as we had no land or buildings so she believed there was no hope of us ever owning her.

In she came!

She started at two guineas (£2.10) and lo and behold, a well-known meat man was on her! Up she went until she reached the princely sum of twenty eight guineas (£29.40). Down went the hammer and Gail turned to John in horror -had the meat man had her? Pwlle Tirion - Nantlais Welsh Mountain Ponies

No, said John,  but I don't know where we're going to keep her!

Fortunately, thanks to a very good friend who allowed us to keep her on his farm, Nantlais was born.

The name of that little roan filly?

Pwlle Tirion




Pwlle Tirion

Sire: Revel Songster x Revel Ringer
Dam: Pwlle Teg x Revel Romeo